Meeting Recap

(April 11, 2012) "Marketing Your Meeting -- How to Boost Your Attendence"

By Jan Thor, CMP

The educational topic at our April 11, 2012, Chapter meeting was “Marketing Your Meeting -- How to Boost Your Attendance.” When our scheduled speaker unfortunately cancelled right before the meeting, we had to develop a different way to approach the subject. So we decided…what better way to learn about a subject than to learn it from and with each other; capitalizing on our own unique expertise and experience in the area. We asked our Chapter Board members to facilitate table discussions on 5 specific topics related to Marketing Your Meeting. It turned out to be a very fun, interesting, and informative way to learn about the subject, get new ideas and tips, and document best practices.

Board members facilitated table discussions on the following topic related to Marketing Your Meeting:

  • Sue Davis - Targeting the right participants
  • Len Ganduglia - Generating excitement
  • Bobbi Barkley, CMP, CGMP - Enticing participants
  • Barb Gendron - Extending the buzz
  • Lorna Linden - Converting visual events into live meetings

Each of the 5 tables discussed their topic for about 20 minutes. The facilitators introduced the topics, began the discussion, and annotated information shared. Discussions were lively and each table came up with great ideas, tips, and best practices. Each facilitator shared the results of their table discussions with the entire group, and then invited the rest of the attendees to add input. The total results were extensive and useful.

See Roundtable Discussion Solutions and Best Practices as annotated from the table discussions.

Our meeting was held at the Mercato Ristorante in Olympia, Washington. We thank the staff of the Mercato for providing the comfortable meeting space, a delicious lunch, and gracious hospitality.

We especially thank the table facilitators and meeting attendees for their great participation.